Flying Tipplers

from the Kitbox

My Loft

My Loft

This is a pigeon loft that was built to my specifications as a Tippler Flyer. (I researched many designs from experienced flyers first.) The large box on top was for holding youngsters when training. The trap consist of several swinging welded wire doors that were progressively opened and closed via strings. All wire was 1/2" x 1" galvanized welded wire.

My Loft

Water was serviceable from the outside. The ladder was my adjustable height perch allowing me to control the droppers and birds when they were on the roof. To the left (dark in the photo) were wire cages used to hold droppers so that they could easily be accessed for quick use.

Release Boxes

Here was my 16:03 team. Notice that the birds are poised and ready to be released. By placing them in these kit boxes early morning, I was able to have a neighbor (and later I devised an automatic timer) to release the birds at a predetermined time so that a good 7- 10 hours of flying could be accomplished in a practice fly. That's the El Segundo bird in center box.