Flying Tipplers

from the Kitbox

Loft Design

My Loft

This is a better photo of the water jugs that were situated on the outside of the loft. The wireways attached to the lot sections allowed the birds to sun themselves outside when they were permitted. They would be locked inside the loft when birds were in training above because it was important that no birds be visible from above when in training. I used strings to open and close the doors from the outside. The box on the very top of the fly pen is actually a fluorescent light fixture. For night flying, this prevented shadows forming form a single source point of light (the floodlight that lit the entire roof-top. Additionally, it provided enough light in the event that the floodlight should burn out one night in trying to drop the team.

My Loft

Clear and unobstructed area proved to be invaluable. The two "Blue Cypress" trees on the left may have been a little bit of a problem but they were in bounds for dropping (<100') if the birds should settle on their tops. However, they rarely did. Actually, I always felt that the two trees proved to be more of a landmark for the team when they raked. The pole on the right was a floodlight.