Flying Tipplers

from the Kitbox

Night Flying

young bird team flying at night

The GREATEST challenge and fun is, of course, the challenge of night training. Here you see my kit of young birds flying into the dark. YES, that's the moon behind. Although it may not be natural for them to do this, they soon learn the ropes after conditioning. Two weeks before the 18:05 fly, my youngbirds flew the time noted below (over one hour in the dark.)

92 FTS 1222 Dun Check 932/22
92 FTS 1247 Dark Silver 47/10
92 FTS 1257 Red Bar Self 1021/157
92 FTS 1263 Blue Bar Self 1063/1037

May 30, 1992
At 119 days of age:
15 hours and 07 minutes